The Texas Centerboard Circuit is designed to give all Portsmouth Centerboard Dinghy Classes that don't have active fleets (the rest of us) a chance to participate in a series of races throughout Texas. 2014 will be our 12th season.

If you have a centerboard boat, and you want to race, the TCC is a great casual circuit. You get to go to different lakes and experience the hospitality of several yacht clubs across Texas. Take advantage of having an easily trailerable boat and come join us on the water!

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Lake Whitney July 26th is now on Calendar. This will be a fun one day distance event!!
NOR and SI's coming soon.

We wanna welcome our newest members

Darin Keever - Weta


Phillip Davis - Wind Rider 17
(not a WR17 but you can google it)

Jeff Coe - Devoti D-One

Latest News on Events

Lake Whitney Distance Race

TurnBack Canyon Regatta


Bridge Too Far (3-15-2014) - The race started on a cool foggy rainy day with low visability across the lake. We had 8 competitors, 2 Johnson 18's, 4 Weta's, a Harpoon and a Contender. Due to low water conditons and light air, it was decided to do 2 five mile laps in the main basin around 3 bouys. As luck would have it, I was first out of the marina cove and stumbled onto a bouy which I promtly rounded and headed up towards the next cove. Well it was the wrong bouy and I never figured that out till the 2nd lap when I was leading all the way down and Crumps went for a different bouy. Even though I was DNF, I went ahead and chased Crumps as he passed. Claire and Theo also passed me in their J18 catching up to John and close to passing him at the end and did correct out to first place. Mikes Conteder was 2nd with Jenny doing well at 3rd and John corrected to 4th. Max, Steve and Charles followed up. Great time and nice get together aftwards with the Stillhouse Sailing Club! Thanks to Claire for the pics!

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Openning Day Regatta (3-22-2014) - Austin Yacht Club. I didn't race this event but took some photos instead. Maybe one of our heros who braved the 50 degree water, weather and strong north winds could do me a 3 sentence write up. John Luzius pretty much killed it on the first leg and won. He even came close in time to the the VX One, Jeff Jones, who raced PHRF A.

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Various Pics from past events

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2014 Scheduled Circuit Regattas
Stop #

March 23

AYC Opening Day Regatta , Austin Yacht Club, Austin.... Postponed due to cold weather and wind. May be March 22?
Bridge Too Far Race, Stillhouse Hollow, Belton
Spring Regatta, Conroe Yacht Club
Turnback Canyon, Austin Yacht Club, Austin
Waco Lake Distance Race, Waco Sailing Club,
Summer Solstice Regatta, Seabrook Sailing Club,


Lake Whitney Grab a Bag, Whitney


Lake Belton Sailing Club, Belton


AYC Centerboard Regatta, AYC Austin
HOT Regatta, Lake Stillhouse Hollow, Belton

Oct 11-12

Fall Dinghy Fest, RCYC, Heath

Oct 18-19

Governers Cup Regatta, AYC Austin

Nov 1-2

Wurstfest Regatta, LCYC Canyon



Stay Tuned In!

The 2014 schedule is taking shape--check back for further developments.

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